Alder Science Classes Get A Lesson On Heredity

Mrs. Battersby Introduces Heredity to Science Classes
Posted on 02/12/2018
Mrs. Battersby introduced heredity to her science classes this week. As part of heredity, a Punnett Square is used to make a prediction for inherited traits. This prediction is the probability for that outcome. Instead of flipping a coin or rolling a die, students coded a Micro:bit to do it for them. When students pressed the A button, the Micro:bit would randomly show "H" for heads or "T" for tails. When students pressed the B button, a number 1-6 would show up on the screen as if it was a die. Students made a hypothesis, and then completed 10 trial and recorded their outcomes. Next time in the lab, the students will make a Google Sheet for their data. Their probability will be represented in a pie graph on their Sheet.