"Alder Gets Mummified" 6th Grade Gets Lesson on Mummification

Alder 6th Grade Gets Lesson on Mummification
Posted on 01/18/2018
Today, students were given the opportunity to learn about the mummy making process straight from a expert. Allyson Mitchell, from Penn Museum, gave our sixth graders a first-hand look at the procedures done to mummify a person during Ancient Egyptian times. The virtual workshop was entitled Mummy Makers. Ms. Mitchell demonstrated the steps involved from removing the brains to storing organs in canopic jars. The students also learned about why people in Ancient Egypt were mummified in the first place. The virtual workshop was interactive through various question and answer portions. There was even a student-centered exit ticket at the end of the lesson. The 6th grade Social Studies teachers have been using "loan boxes" from Penn Museum during class throughout the year. The "loan boxes" are filled with artifacts and other primary sources to extend their social studies lessons. This virtual workshop was an added bonus to go along with the program already in place.
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